Gold Silver Parties
Gold Silver Parties
Gold Silver Parties


Hosting a Mr. Bling Gold Party is a great way to make money.

Your friends, family, co-workers and colleagues will love a party where they can exchange their old gold jewelry, sterling silver scraps, gold coins, platinum, and other precious metals for cash.

At a Mr Bling Party, a Naples Gold & Silver representative arrives equipped with precious metal testers, scale and jewelers loupe to evaluate each person's gold, silver or platinum values. A no-obligation offer is made on the spot. Guests who sell their precious metals will leave with cash money and the party hostess receives a 5% - 10% of the total sold.

And for groups of 5 or more confirmed guests, we provide a food and wine allowance.

Another option is a Mr. Bling Fundrasier. This is a great for any group or orgnization to raise some funds for charity. Gather with friends and colleages and then donate a portion or all of the proceeds from the precious metals purchased to the charity of your choice. Mr. Bling Fundraisers typically raise from $1,800 to $7,000.

It's that easy! We show up at the party, we do all the work and YOU HAVE THE FUN!

To get started, simply send us an e-mail or call us directly at 239-571-2066 to set up a Mr. Bling Party or Fundraiser in your area!