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About Naples Gold and Silver
About Naples Gold and Silver

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Mark Michael

ABOUT Mark Michael

It's not every day that someone switches careers from building high rises to buying diamonds, but that is just how Mark Michael, owner of Naples Gold and Silver, got into the business he loves.

"It's funny because I actually have a degree in architecture and psychology, and the majority of my life I worked in construction all over the United States. As a hobby while I traveled between the offices of the company I owned, I'd buy and sell gold chains and watches," says Michael. "Probably going back 30 years, I was buying pre-owned Rolex watches on the East Coast and by the time I would get to Dallas or Las Vegas, I would have sold them. I had a jeweler friend in Las Vegas who would get me heavy gold chains and by the time I'd get through New York or New Jersey, I'd have sold a briefcase full."

While Naples Gold and Silver still deals in jewelry, it also buys and sells precious metals, bullion, stones, antiques, coins, artwork, firearms and a wide array of other exotic collectibles. No matter the product, the business focuses on helping customer receive the highest value for whatever they'd like to sell. Naples Gold and Silver also specializes in liquidating estates, either buying items outright, or coordinating with high-end auction houses around the country-whatever will generate the most revenue for the client.

One thing Michael encourage women to consider is going through their jewelry boxes to see if they are willing to part with any pieces. Many times the value can be much higher than one might expect, and that money can be used to make more lucrative investments, while also protecting that value from the possibility of theft.

Michael also has a company making ink pens from unique and exotic materials, which he sells and donates to numerous charities as silent auction items. He has crafted pens from Flager railroad ties, wood remnants from sculptures carved post-Katrina from fallen trees and even oil-soaked coral recovered after BP's Gulf oil spill. Naples Gold and Silver is also a resource for local charity thrift shops, which are able to use the business to help with pricing donated valuables appropriately.

"Every day is something new," says Michael. "And because Naples has many international visitors and interesting residents, we never know what unique item will come through the door next."